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Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Gas Line Services for Your Home

At Beasty Services, we recognize the essential role gas lines play in powering your home. Whether installing a new line or needing urgent repairs, our team in St. Bernard Parish offers unmatched expertise and dedication to your safety.

Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Services

Gas Line Installations

Starting a new project or upgrading your home? Our experts provide seamless gas line installations, ensuring a safe and efficient setup tailored to your specific requirements. We use only the best materials, guaranteeing long-lasting results.

Galvanized Pipe Installations

A time-tested solution, galvanized pipes have served households for decades. They’re known for their strength and durability. At Beasty Services, we have honed the craft of installing and maintaining these traditional systems. If you have an older home in St. Bernard Parish or simply prefer the resilience of galvanized pipes, our experts ensure a faultless setup, prolonging the lifespan of your gas system and ensuring its robustness for years to come.

Flexible Stainless Steel Pipe Installations

Modern homes and renovations are increasingly leaning towards flexible stainless steel gas lines. These lines, often featuring compression fittings, are lauded for their adaptability and ease of installation. Not only are they resistant to corrosion and rust, but they also minimize the risks associated with gas leaks. At Beast Services, we’re at the forefront of this shift, offering impeccable installations of these contemporary systems. Benefit from a quicker setup, reduced maintenance worries, and an overall safer gas experience when you opt for flexible stainless steel lines with us.

Gas Line Repairs

Gas line issues can pose significant safety risks. If you suspect a leak or face any disruptions, our immediate response team is here to assist. Beast Services prioritizes your safety, offering rapid gas line repairs to restore your peace of mind.

Galvanized Pipe Repairs

While galvanized pipes are sturdy and have served many households reliably, they aren’t immune to wear and tear. Over time, these pipes can corrode, rust, or experience other issues that require professional attention. With our deep knowledge of traditional gas systems, the Beasty Services team has the expertise to diagnose and rectify problems specific to galvanized pipes. Whether it’s fixing minor leaks or addressing more significant concerns, we ensure your older gas system remains safe.

Flexible Stainless Steel Pipe Repairs

Modern, flexible stainless steel gas lines bring advantages, including resilience against rust and corrosion. However, they can face disruptions or wear over time like any system. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of these contemporary gas lines, making sure any issue—from leaks at compression fittings to general wear—is addressed with precision. With Beasty Services, you’re guaranteed a swift and comprehensive repair, ensuring your modern gas system continues to serve you efficiently.

Stay Safe: How to Spot a Gas Leak in Your Home

Detecting a Gas Leak in Your Home: Gas leaks can pose significant dangers, from health hazards to potential explosions. Learn about DIY methods to identify early signs of a gas leak, from unusual odors to unexpected bill spikes. Stay informed and prioritize safety in your home. Sponsored by Beasty Services, your local plumbing specialists in St. Bernard Parish. [Read More]

Why Choose Beast Services for Your Gas Line Needs?

Your home’s safety is non-negotiable. With Beasty Services, you choose an experienced team that treats every gas line project with utmost care and precision. Our commitment to quality, transparency in pricing, and community trust make us the preferred choice in St. Bernard Parish.

At BeastyServices, we understand the intricacies of both old and new gas line systems. Our skilled team has the expertise to repair and maintain traditional galvanized pipe systems, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your older gas lines. Alongside, we’re adept at installing modern, flexible gas lines that utilize compression fittings, offering a more versatile and reliable solution for your home’s needs. Our dual proficiency in handling traditional and contemporary systems makes us the top choice in St. Bernard Parish for all your gas line requirements.


How It Works

How do I shut off the gas to my house?

Shutting off the gas to your home is a crucial safety measure everyone should know. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Gas Meter: Your gas meter is typically found outside your home on a side wall, in a front or side yard. In some cases, particularly in apartments or condos, meters might be grouped together.
  2. Find the Gas Shutoff Valve: This is usually a large valve next to the meter. It will look like a rectangular nub.
  3. Turn Off the Gas: Using a wrench or specialized tool, turn the valve 90 degrees (a quarter turn) so it’s perpendicular to the pipe. When it’s in line or parallel to the tube, the gas is on; when it’s perpendicular, the gas is off.
  4. Check Appliances: After shutting off the gas, ensure you check your gas appliances (stove, water heater, furnace) to confirm they’re off.
  5. Important Note: If you’ve shut off your gas due to a leak or other emergency, do not turn it back on yourself. Call your local gas company or a professional like Beasty Services to ensure it’s safe and to restart any pilot lights.

If you ever smell gas or suspect a leak, evacuate your home immediately and call emergency services or your gas provider from a safe location.

How can I tell if there's a gas leak?

If you smell a distinct sulfur-like odor (similar to rotten eggs), hear a hissing sound near your gas appliances, or notice dead plants around the gas line area, you might have a gas leak. Prioritize safety: evacuate the area and call 911 from a safe distance, then call ATMOS Energy Emergency number at 866-322-8667. Then call Beasty Services. 

Are flexible stainless steel lines safer than traditional galvanized pipes?

Both systems, when installed and maintained properly, are safe. Flexible stainless steel lines are resistant to corrosion and rust, reducing the risk of leaks, while galvanized pipes are known for their strength. It’s essential to choose the right system for your needs and ensure regular maintenance.

Can I repair a gas line myself?

Yes, but for safety reasons, it’s highly recommended that professionals do any gas line repairs. Working with gas lines poses significant risks, and a wrong move can have dangerous consequences. Always prioritize safety and call in experts like Beasty Services.

What's the lifespan of a typical gas line?

Traditional galvanized pipes can last anywhere from 50 to 70 years if properly maintained, while flexible stainless steel gas lines typically have a 25 to 30 years lifespan. Lifespan can vary based on usage, environmental conditions, and maintenance.


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